Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bump update :: 16 weeks

Today I bring you the post work out, black on black, mid cleaning house 16 week bump shot. No one can tell me it's in my head anymore. That's a bump friends. I also don't know what's more awkward, having your husband take these pictures, or setting up the timer on a shoe box to take it yourself...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

bump update :: 15 weeks

Blake asked me why my hand was there... and actually I have no idea, just felt right, and everyone else does it. I suppose it's to accentuate the bump, can ya see it? I feel like this week (the end of week 15), finally, you can see a little somethin' somethin'

Friday, July 19, 2013

San Jose del Cabo

This year we spent the fourth of July in Mexico! Our sweet friends invited us down to Cabo for 5 days of sun, drinks (virgin Miami Vices for me) and utter relaxation. Hey, we even saw fireworks!

Days at the resort were spent getting up early and having my cup of coffee on the balcony and reading through 1 Timothy. Ashamedly, it's been a while since I've had/made time to sit and read the bible for more than 10 minutes, so this time was nice. Breakfast was always next. Cheese eggs and bacon wrapped in a tortilla, and pancakes with real mantequilla (mm!) After breakfast it was off to the pool for the rest of the day to read and nap, with maybe a trip or two to the snack bar to hold us over til dinner. 

One of the days, the boys took a boat out for some deep sea fishing. They didn't have any luck catching anything, but still saw a ton of marlin, which I'd say is still pretty cool. In the middle of our trip we took a barge of sorts out to the arch and Lovers and Divorce beach. This was such a fun day, and really the only day I took photos. We walked along the beach, saw puppies playing, and made homemade salsa! in a pestle and mortar, by the way, be impressed.

The "professional" photographer was really good at catching our jumping shots. 
We even had time to make out on the beach before we left. 
And now, the only photo of my actual bare belly that you'll ever see on here. 14 weeks, and outta the first trimester! success!
Thank you Mitchells and Ellisons, you guys truly are the best. Blake and I will play made-up card games, stalk weddings, drink Glitter Monkeys, eat waffle fries and cheese, and lay by the pool with y'all any day.