Monday, December 30, 2013

bump update :: 38 weeks

I'm very determined to finish these posts out to the end, even if they end up being a week behind. And hey, hopefully only one more!!
Next appointment, this Friday, we are talking about scheduling an induction date. I'm scared out of my mind to be induced, but it may just have to be time. My doctor says any time between 40 and 41 weeks, and I'm leaning towards waiting until 41, so we will see what is decided. It makes me so happy that either way, we will have our baby in our arms by mid-January!!!

a merry, merry Christmas

39 weeks pregnant at Christmas, so ya know, here are the 7 photos I took.. :)
 We spent Christmas Eve in Waxahachie with family. Dinner and desserts were unbelievably delicious as usual. Christmas morning, Blake and I woke up slowly, had a small Christmas breakfast and watched Christmas Story until my parents came over. We opened presents and had a big Italian lunch from Buca at the house. The rest of the weekend was spent with Blake's family. We opened more presents, ate a lot of good food, got hooked on Chopped, and spent a lot of time relaxing (or maybe that was just me..)
It was different this year, because baby and I couldn't travel, so family came to us. 
It was sad to not see most of our other family members, but it sure was nice to stay in Dallas, have some sweet alone time, and host company at our house before the baby gets here!
I'm feeling unbelievably grateful for this season, and this year. I quickly forget how much God loves and cherishes me, so to sit still in this season and read of God's promise to His people is so refreshing.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

bump update :: 36 weeks

We had to move the picture location. One, because it's CHRISTMAS, and two, because baby things were taking over the dining room. From here on out, you can find me by the tree :)
I'm seeing my OB every week now, which is sort of thrilling. Every time we leave she says, see you next week unless I see you sooner.... !! It may be becoming real. Seriously, any day now!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

phoenix, az

Blake and I were in Phoenix this past weekend!
Blake had an interview, and we got to spend the best 3 days with all of the Kimmels.
We ate delicious desert food, played games way past my bedtime, hiked, saw the most beautiful sunsets, and hung out with Hayes and Kyler a ton. It's only been about 6 months since they've moved from Dallas, but I do miss them, a lot.
Just a few random photos from the weekend.

bump update :: 34 weeks

watch out, 9 month pregnant lady hiking!
I'm 35 weeks today, so this post is a little late, but here she is.
I've hit a wall. It's now hard to walk, stand up, stay on balance, sleep, lay, drive. Don't mind all the complaining. My body just hurts. It's like everything was fine one day, then the next I woke up and the third trimester tiredness and aches just took over. 
Good news, we will hopefully have a little baby boy in our arms around this time next month! whoa.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Charleston and an impromtu babymoon :)

Blake's officially on the interview trail. This week I see him Tuesday night for a couple hours, then he's off Wednesday morning! When he started applying I was asked to pick a city here and there where I could potentially go with him, and without taking a breath I chose Charleston. 
We didn't really label it a babymoon, but why the heck not :)

We flew in Thursday evening, and got dinner with the residents at Social Wine Bar on East Bay street. Everyone was unbelievably nice, and the heavy appetizers were serioulsy delicious.
Friday, after Blake's interview, we hit the town like some serious tourists. First, a walk down the Battery (that's what you call it when you're super cool and local).
The palms, the colorful homes and shops, the brick lined streets... everything was picture perfect. 
next... yeah, we totally did. We drove through the Festival of Lights at James Island park. It was 80 degrees, before Thanksgiving, and we were jammin' Feliz Navidad, and I have no regrets :)
These photos aren't in any real order, but we did drive out to one of the neighboring island's beach one evening. 
Sullivan's Island.
We stopped back by East Bay street for some Belgin gelato. Pre-dinner mind you. I love vacation.
We made late dinner reservations for the "voted most romatic restaurant" in Charleston for 14 years. It totally deserved the title. You enter through what felt like a secret hidden door, past ivy lined walls. The restaurant sat about 10 tables, candlelit. It was a perfectly romantic night.
Saturday morning. 
By recommendation, we ate brunch at Hominy Grill (pumpkin pancakes with cranberry butter - hello!), then drove out to the Angel Oak before heading back to the airport.
Sweet tea and my sweet man. :)
It was a short little babymoon, but I couldn't have asked for anything better. Charleston was truly adorable, and the perfect place to spend some last minute husband/wife time before our bundle of joy arrives!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

bump update :: 32 weeks

I feel like everything I wrote up there pretty much sums it up.
We did get to see our baby boy today. He was super squirmy, yawning a ton and practicing swallowing, it was about the most precious things I've ever seen. 
I'm getting prettttty excited to see him in real life, cmon 8 more weeks, fly by please :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

ahoy! it's a boy!

This weekend, Blake, Dakota and I headed down to Friendswood for one of the cutest baby showers I've ever seen. Blake's Aunt Stacey and Aunt Linda gave us the most wonderful baby shower. The theme was nautical, which I absolutely love, and everything down to the tiniest details were just precious. I mean, look at that little crab on the onesie cookie below. 
 Granmom and Opa Baker.

 the grandmommas.
 Can you even believe all of this? It even all fit in my car for the drive home, I was impressed! 
 The babe's first quilt, from Blake's Mimi, even Curious George got his own matching quilt!
 Blake's favorite gift. 
 I think this is the babe's first official outfit. He doesn't own too many clothes yet, but an Aggie beanie is the best way to start. and that Columbia jacket for a one year old... pretty sure they don't make anything cuter!
 our baby bath, with a little Blake attached... I hope this little guy in my belly looks exactly like him, bow tie and all. 

 Blake's brother and girlfriend... they got engaged about 3 hours after this!! It was such a great weekend!

 Blake's Mimi made the moms their Grandma blankets. 

The end of the shower was spent watching the Aggies btho Mississippi State. Whoop!
The baby shower was such a special time for Blake and me, we received more baby things than we could have ever imagined. They're piling up in the dining room as we speak. Only 57 more days until all this loot gets put to use!!!!! ahhhh!!!!