Thursday, October 31, 2013

bump update :: 30 weeks

30 weeks, and I'd like to stop growing right about now. I cannot imagine getting any bigger than this. Looking back at 28,  I've made some serious progress in the past two weeks! 

I came home tonight to this little surprise...
and then I cried and cried, like a big ol pregnant lady. 
This is the rocker I've been wanting from Pottery Barn. I knew it was a lot to ask for, and had to talk myself out of it (we even bought a swivel chair from Roundtop to get reupholstered). 
Both of our families had pitched in to purchase it for me. I've been falling for lies the past couple weeks, as Blake and my mom had convinced me to go ahead with the upholstery project. Little did I know, this beautiful piece of heaven was en route to my house. Blake wrapped it in a bow all by himself, the card was signed by everyone, and they all included their favorite lullabies. I'll remember this day, and this chair, and this card forever. 
 It's seriously more than I could have ever asked for. Please excuse the photo, there were a lot of tears and emotions going on before Blake took this super flattering picture. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

camp Johnson

This weekend was the best. 
Blake and I were covered in love by friends and family all weekend long. Friday night was our first baby shower for our little baby boy. My friends are so creative, can I brag for just a second?
Here are a few photos from Friday night, taken by Blake's dad...

 I feel so grateful for everyone, it makes my heart feel so full, if that makes sense. It's hard to put into words. 
I get a little teary-eyed when I imagine just how loved little baby Johnson will be when he gets here.
 Also, check out that car seat! 
We got the sweetest gifts; clothes, bibs, diapers, bottles, our baby carrier, and that beauty pictured above. It was the best kind of overwhelming feeling. I can't wait to start putting his clothes in his little dresser drawers! It starting to feel a little more real. Our dining room is full of baby things, and I love it!
Thank you best friends, for hosting such a wonderful shower, we'll remember it forever. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

nursery ideas for the babe.

We've got a dilemma. It's huge. I have no idea which direction to go for this baby boy's nursery. 
We won't get to paint or set up a room for a little while, but the task of getting the right crib and right rocker is becoming daunting. 
I thought I had it all figured out, then I ran into troubles picking out upholstery fabric for the rocker - a Roundtop find! Now, everything I thought I knew has changed. 
The drama.

Now, I have no idea whether I want to go moody and outdoorsy, or airy and calm. 

Here's moody and outdoorsy.
Dark charcoal (almost black) walls with board and batten.
Deep green curtains.
Vintage rug.
Dark brass knobs, and lighting.
Our craigslist find dresser (still needs to be painted white).
the white Sundvik crib (Ikea)?! and the black Poang chair (Ikea, too)?!


airy and calm.
A super light hue of blue on the walls, and board and batten of course.
White linen curtains.
Black and White graphic rug.
The same Craiglist find dresser.
the Sundvik crib in gray-brown?! and a cotton blend fabric in teal or emerald?!

WHAT do I do?

In other news, I've been putting together a playlist for when the baby gets here, and comes home.
This song has been on constant repeat. 

I hope for these things for him.
That he always remember when God showed His face to him, that his soul thirsts for Him, that he will sing of His faithfulness, that he will ever be satisified in Him.
I want this to be constantly playing in our house, if nothing more than a reminder to my own soul, it's just beautiful. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

bump update :: 28 weeks

Lunch break photo opp courtesy of my favorite photographer :)
3rd trimester you guys. Ican'tevenBELIEVE it's already here. We have GOT to get a move on the "nursery" things. We have an un-upholstered rocker, and an un-painted dresser/changing table just sitting in the garage.
This weekend was exciting though, I did a little winter wardrobe shopping for me and this bump. No more sweater mid-drifts for this pregnant lady!