Thursday, September 27, 2012

onto the Dining Room.

Next up, we have the dining room. Remember the living room? Our dining room opens up directly off to the right, with a huge arched entry. These arches must have been signature for this builder in the 40s, we've been in other homes around Stevens Park and the arches are everywhere. We have one in our bathroom too, just you wait and see.

how crazy beautiful is the to-the-floor window?

The table is set for fall, the pumpkins in the bowls are not year-round. Though I wouldn't mind, they're so precious.
Did I mention Blake built our farmhouse table?
I was spoiled by being able to pick out this Restoration Hardware table, and have it customized to our specific requirements. We nixed the fold-out extensions, and made it a tad smaller, you can still fit our future family of 5 around here comfortably, so I'd say it's a win. And for 1/4 of the cost... double win.  

The best part about tackling our dining table together.... beating it silly with a sock full of screws. Also, taking a hammer straight to the legs, you know, for the whole salvaged wood look.

My herringbone mirror project found a permanent home!
(still not sure what to do with the tall arched cut-out over there on the left wall) 
My favorite part of the dining room, behind the breath-taking window (I really did gasp when we were first looking to rent this place), would be the sweet built ins.



I think I've almost covered it all. Except when you turn back around from here, toward the front door, you see this. The hopes were for this to function as a bar of sorts. One day I'll muster up the creativity to finish this little corner.
And then here's your view back to the living room. Dining room tour complete!!
maybe the Master next?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my new Saturday gig.

Vintage Living

Well, it only took me 4 years of college and earning a bachelor's degree in Communication and Business, plus 3 years in the "real-world" to officially decide what I want to be when I grow up. While I wouldn't ever change my experience at A&M, I sort of wish that more opportunities would have been presented to the 18 year old me. Like, there's also such thing as art school, and that's acceptable, or, if you want to get an Associates in Design, hey, that'd be ok too. I still would have chosen A&M, but, something to think about.
Vintage Living
Later in life, I hope to be called an Interior Designer. I want to go to school, I want the degree, I want the knowledge. I know that you can have instinct when it comes to colors, patterns, spatial things, but I also yearn to understand all of the technical things that aren't even on my radar. Hopefully the plan is, when we're done here with Blake's school, that I will enroll part time somewhere, wherever we are.

Vintage Living
   Back to post's title. I had a mini melt down a few months back about the fulfilment, or lack there of, of my current occupation. Blake, in all of his infinite wisdom, suggested that while I'm here for the next year and a half to somehow set myself up for Interior Design school, become immersed in their world. So I did. An old co-worker of mine let me meet a super successful Interior Designer here in Dallas. She owns a shop in Snider Plaza, and she was also looking for help on Saturdays. Enter me (annoyingly enthusiastic).
Vintage Living
I had my first working Saturday this past weekend, and it was everything and more I'd hoped it to be. The customers that come in love art, they love design, and they thoroughly appreciate all the beautiful things that fill the shop. The day flew by, it felt like playtime, not work. Eventually I'll learn more about the specific lines she carries, and the history behind the art and one-of-a-kind antinques, and that makes me giddy beyond belief.
So, welcome to my playground office. :)
Vintage Living

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall in Texas.

It really was in the 70s this weekend, yea, I'll take it... I think we're getting dang close to a pretty little Texas fall... Y'all... (had to do it)

I totally took advantage of the weather and climbed up in the attic to retrieve anything that related to a pumpkin, pine cone, or burlap.

Yes, I freak out when the pumpkin spice lattes arrive at Starbucks. Yes, I burn my pumpkin candle at all costs. And yes, I have a hard time containing the giddiness that comes from making any array of pumpkin dessert.

Here's a little taste of THE BEST SEASON there ever was..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The birthday boy!

Today was just one of those days. Where there's just so much love in your heart that you can't even put it into words. We didn't do much, and I think maybe that's exactly why. Sleeping in late, making the birthday boy one of his favorite breakfasts, laying around on the couch all day until dinner. Nothing eventful, yet I wonder sometimes, how did I get so lucky? I sure do love him.