Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sky Top Orchard :: Flat Rock, NC

Posting this, cause why not? :)
Grammy and Pappy were in town this weekend, so we all stuffed in the Jeep and headed out to the mountains. The orchard was fun, and had the most gorgeous views. Coming from Texas, things like orchards and mountains and apple picking just didn't happen, so it's fun to explore all these fall things here in North Carolina.

We brought home Apple Cider Donuts, Apple Cider, Apple Butter, and you know, some apples, too.

Everything will most likely be apple-something for the next couple weeks until it's pumpkin-something season, I canNOT wait.

Friday, June 26, 2015

so I got carried away..

After that California trip video, I found a song on the app, one that I put on Bennett's nursery song playlist while he was still in the belly. Obviously, I had to make this video. Now, at work, when I'm missing his sweet face, I'll just put my headphones in and watch this over and over every so often.
OH MY GOSH, he's so cute.


First off - totally meant to put 2013. 
Second, I finally (two years and 3 months later) downloaded my clips from our trip to California. 
This was the best I could do for having NO IDEA how to create/edit videos. Downloaded an app and they did it for me! So the music is looped a little weird, and the edits they do are sort of strange, but at least it's all together here in one place. I love it. And need to go back. Now.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bennett's First Birthday!

I can not believe, yet totally believe, he's ONE already. I just had no idea going into this whole thing that I could love a little human so dang much! I feel beyond grateful that I get to be his mom, this past year has been THE hardest thing I've ever done, yet so so so so so (you get the point) rewarding/wonderful/full of love/and other mushy-lovey words.

Bennett, I'm totally biased, but you're just the best. You are so funny lately, I find myself laughing to the point of crying sometimes. Your birthday stats.... 22 lbs, 30 1/2 inches tall, you have 2 teeth up top and 3 on bottom, you're pulling up and cruising along the furniture, but no steps on your own yet.

Your favorites..
opening and shutting the toilet seat, watching the washer/dryer when it runs, "uh" and pointing at Dakota, catching and throwing your little basketball, seeing how many things you can pick up in one hand, clapping, waving and food, son, you can eat.

Here are a few photos from your first birthday party!
 and just a few from your first haircut!! 


Such a handsome little boy. Bennett, we love you so terribly much, and can't wait to see how much you'll grow this next year!