Tuesday, February 24, 2009

addison is most definitely for lovers..

addison is for lovers. not the counterfeit kind of lover, but the fearless I’m-gonna-jump-on-you-and-throw-my-legs-around-your-waist-and-make-out-in-the-park lover. I mean, they’re fearless.. no shame. love it. restaurants along every street, with couples having a glass or two of that sweet red wine, couples walking their dogs, one hand leash, other hand struggling to stay connected to the other's by only a finger or two, guy waiting for his blind date with flowers on a tuesday afternoon, benches and benches and benches, room for two only, outline the park. parks are so freakin romantic.. just me?! I miss laying in that open field looking for stars, but mostly just finding planes.. sweet sigh.. 

probably one of the more romantic things that have happened to me lately.. was doing my laundry on sunday.. talking to a guy for a bit in there who had just moved in and then.. he bought me a load of laundry.. hah. sucker for the little things I guess.. 

no pictures this time.. i went searching.. next post though, get excited..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

breathe in, breathe out, carry on..

jobless again.. can a girl catch a freakin' break? (someone in this car, HAS GOT to be kidding me) i need a skill, or a trade.. with that, had a lot of time to sit. and think. can you take back prayers? how would you go about that.. here's the thing, after graduating and becoming a freakin' adult, i asked god to never let me get comfortable. i never wanted to be settled, with a savings account that could feed nations, second or third mortgages, walking around in jeans with the little a's on the booty or driving a car that could be the equivalent of a house. (not that any of those things aren't biblical.. because, like in luke 15, if we can't have mercy on the older brother, as he did have everything, then we are in the same world view as him, judging the younger brother when he did everything "wrong". who are we to say that because you do have those things you are not close with jesus?)  but, now, that i sit at home, no cash money dough comin' in, i'm starting to feel a lil anxiety. do not be anxious, blah blah blah.. um, it's kinda hard..

i trust that the lord will provide, with everything in me i know that he will provide. i've seen it happen since december.. it's the coolest feeling in this world, to know that you have done absolutely nothing, but that jesus has given you everything you need to make it through. gah! so, this stress, these tears, interview after interview, actually not knowing if you can pay your car payment this month.. answer to a prayer? i don't know.. all i'm saying is, i half way want to take back that prayer for my life.. maybe a little security? maybe a little comfort? i mean, am i selling out on jesus? 

Monday, February 9, 2009

do not be silent..

big weekend, lots of thoughts.. haven't gotten them all straight but they just all seem to keep coming back to one another.. actually, first off, headed out to the ranch this weekend. i feel extremely old and somewhat loser-ish, but some friday nights you just wanna be in the country, with your momma and daddy.. ya know? can i just say, you've never seen a sky like this before.. ever.. i'm talkin' stars.. gajillions.. like the descendants of abraham, jk jk jk, that stuff is so cheesy.. but seriously, beautiful. my mom and i did a little "design on a dime" action to the barn, i'm so hick right now.. 



also, check what dakota found.. that would be a deer leg. that-a-girl! she makes me 
proud with each day of her life.. i'm getting carried away with the picture upload. on saturday night, julie, friend jud and i went to a benefit for falling whistles, fallingwhistles.com, talked to a congolese woman who told us her story for a while, then said something that, honestly, made me feel so dumb, i'm trying to think of better words, but really, just felt ignorant. she mentioned how "philanthropy is such a trend right now." kinda looking around the room, it looked like the urban mag we get every month, all the hipsters out supporting their cause.. feeling stupid.. again. can only hope that this "love" isn't just a trend.. cause that's why we're here, right? to love one another as he has loved us? scary that this could just be a fad.. kinda just put into perspective what really matters and what's really gonna last. only hoping that what we're doing here could change generations and not fade away with the next trend.. almost done, almost done.. there's some worship song that says something like, everything i am for your kingdom's cause.. not a well developed thought, but just something i can't get outta my head. everything. everything. work. driving home from work. talking with my brother, or parents. every second of my day til i fall asleep. everything.  something i'm working on..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

let's do this thing..

watup.. as martin baker would probably put it..

i'm lauren.

i have no idea what i'm doing right now. lauren "grosse" kimmel is to blame for this completely. i know no one else will ever read this except you.. here's the thing, i don't capitalize, i don't write in complete sentences, everything ends in ".." two, not three.. and i like to space everything out.. with that, let's do an intro

i live in dallas texas, home of the 30,000 dollar millionaire.. love it.. been here six months now i guess, and i'm just now starting to settle in and learning to love it. i got that girl julie davis that helps me pay rent, jk jk jk, she is to die for.. we haven't had cable since they caught us stealing it, so it's not unusual to find us having romantic dinners with the fire place a fire, billy joel on repeat and dakota knitting in the corner..

i just got a new job monday.. academic consulting services- not for profit organization that helps first generation inner-city kids get into and graduate from ivy league schools.. can't get more rewarding than that.. i told cayce about my new job.. this was his reply..

"You've got to learn how to... rap, or play basketball, or something. You are trapped! Either do that, or sell crack - that's your only option, that's the only way I've ever seen it work! Better get to entertaining these white people, get to dancing!"-chappelle thanks cayce..

i'm a missionary in east plano. i love those girls more th
an they even know.. because #1 i'm bad at expressing my feelings and #2 i'm pretty awkward.. but they are amazing and make my mondays and thursdays worthwhile..

i'm easily inspired.. mostly by people.. i love color and expression and seeing pure joy in anything and would die without music.. 
bonnaroo line up is out!! love that place, want to get married and make babies there..

i love love. been in some great relationships, learned a whole heck of a lot about myself and how boys work.. (i still say boys, and play..) liked this one for a while, but turns out the in-between just doesn't work, trying to get over all that "i like him, i don't like him" mess.. but for the most part, doing that single girl thing now.. diggin it..

that feels like a pretty good start.. at work right now, so pictures, "the success of a blog"- lauren kimmel, will come later today probably..

here it goes, publishing post..