Thursday, May 31, 2012

a snack..

The best thing I took away from LC's bikini boot camp was this simple snack idea.

I couldn't and still cannot believe how wonderful it is on my tastebuds. I realize cream cheese and graham crackers isn't your typical "diet" food, but I do love her reasoning... It's a substitute for when you're craving something sweet (me, at all times). It's gotta be better than a whole slice of sopapilla cheesecake, or 5 to 6 two-bite brownies... right?

Blake asked me if I researched the things LC was telling me to eat.. I didn't. I trust her. I'm the reason celebs still make money doing promotions, writing books, etc. and I'm ok with that.

Grapes & Grahams - 1 Graham cracker split in half, thin layer of cream cheese, grape halves. It's the perfect combo of sweet and refreshing!

I also started bringing an apple/string cheese, and hummus/carrots for other snacks during the day. I'm feeling pretty good about this snack overhaul.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

episode one

Now that American Idol is over and my AI crush totally took home the winner's title, I can now switch my attention and efforts over to Design Star, oh, and SYTYCD of course.

Sometimes I think I could do what they do, especially Hilari Younger, I mean, she's from Dallas, didn't go to school for design, she's a self-employed contractor and interior stylist. After episode one, she's kinda my favorite, mostly because she didn't go to school for this and I love her personality.
The room (Hilari and Rachel) is natural, which I love. That small TV and those tiny black shelves are really awful. Why do people still use these tiny shelves on huge wall spaces? And, why didn't the black color behind the moose head go all the way to the ceiling?

Britany and Mikel - looks like West Elm to me... but, love that lattice wall.

Danielle and Luca. Something feels off to me. Too much white? Not enough contrast in the color scheme? That art is hung weirdly high? But, for some reason - I don't hate it. If I were given this dinosaur of a room, I would have just cried and walked out... forfeit.
Bex and Kris. Too "out of the box and I know it" for me, and that's too bad, cause they're both from Texas!

and then Yuki and Stanley's creation came on the TV
and Blake and I simultaneously started making vomiting/hacking noises. Whyyyyy?? I'm pretty sure there's no way I would make it past the first cut for Design Star, but I do know to never paint one room pea green and barney purple. And NEVER make a "collage" of trash and graffiti and hang it on the wall. CMON!

Friday, May 18, 2012

picnic at Dallas Arboretum

Last time I was at the Dallas Arboretum I was taking my bridal photos with my friend, and very talented photographer, Kate. This time it was a little different atmosphere. With picnic basket in hand, we headed out to the fields to stake our claim with blankets. We saw the M80s, an 80s coverband, play everything from Billy Idol to Abba to The Proclaimers. It was so fun to sit out on the hill, see the sun set over White Rock Lake, and watch grown men dance in spandex hot pink pants. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kitchen Organization: DIY "command center"

 We'll start with the window pane. I think it came from my friend Hope, as she was trying to slim down her Canton window collection. I was more than willing to take this off of her hands. It's come in so handy around the new house. 
It had it's first go-around above the mantle with pumpkins 'n such for fall. 
and, then it was ready for Christmas with red ribbon and pine cones. 
Now, it's been given a new life. 
Enter my Kitchen Command Center! dun dun dunnnn.. I feel like I belong in Star Wars.

Here's the view coming around the corner from our dining room. 
Blake built that stand all by himself, so proud! Then, we stained it "driftwood" which is really fun to say. And, there you see my best attempt at kitchen organization/command center.
Yea, I put some plywood we had laying around from our Custom Headboard Making Business on the back. Yea, I spray painted it with a bottle of CHALKBOARD PAINT from Home Depot. Yea, I also cleaned that sucker off and spray painted the entire thing a nice coat of glossy white. 
Lauren:1 Kitchen clutter: ZERO.
that basket holds BBB coupons (how do we get so many of those? all the time??) extra keys, and random other coupons. 

Just a shot of my $4 picnic basket from the Thrift Store. Not to rub it in or anything, but we picked it up on a day the store was having a 50% off sale. Four bucks. We're taking a picnic to the concert in the park deal at the Dallas Arboretum later this week, and I couldn't be more excited to use my PICNIC basket. I'm having flashbacks of Yogi Bear.  
Hanging from the twine that stretches across the open panes are the cutest little clothespins. They hold onto recipes I want to try soon, one staple of a recipe from my grandma - for Sweet Rice, two tickets to the Fort Worth zoo that Blake won for us... that we need to remember to use soon, and a packing list for camping. We're headed to New Braunfels for Memorial Day weekend, and I cannot wait! I just can't!
on the bottom rung, a homemade post card from katelovephoto that was gifted to us when we arrived in Hawaii for her wedding, one of my most favorite people on earth - little baby Kyler, and a polaroid from said Hawaii wedding. oh the memories..
and, the reason for the season... the Johnson household weekly menu, on my DIY chalkboard!! I have a slightly boastful grin on my face right now. It was just so fun to make, and will be so fun to use!
The chalk. FIY plain white teacher's chalk is extinct. I went to 5 different places Sunday evening and ended up going with your classic sidewalk chalk. Who knew. 
So, there it is. I feel so in control of my kitchen now, and dinners, and schedules, and expiring tickets/coupons. I'm mostly excited about planning out weekly meals and posting them up there so Blake can get excited about the week too! He's already voiced his anticipation and joy, seriously though.. he has.

Monday, May 14, 2012

LC's bikini boot camp

I (and poor Blake, by default) have started Lauren Conrad's bikini boot camp. I giggle just a tad when I think of Blake trying to get bikini bod ready. I'm really terrible at diets or boot camps, but I am all about trying to eat heathier, so I liked a lot of things from her post.

For example, I love the idea of having a glass of lemon water, hot or cold, right when you wake up, along with 50 crunches and 60 second plank. Maybe a nice little stretch too, I'll start that tomorrow!

Also, her snack ideas actually sound delicious!

Her "off-limits" list is pretty good too!
Proven easy: no eating 2-3 hours before bed, and no white bread or white rice.
Proven EXTREMELY difficult: no sweets or soda. Cheated once already on soda, and a few on the sweets. Yikes.

While I haven't stuck to this boot-camp plan at all really, I have been incorporating a few things into life, and even if it's just mental, I'm feeling better! heathier!

Sunday morning before church we had whole grain toast with 1/4 of mashed avocado (very specific) and a fried egg on top. Blake like it, he even asked me, "so, this is healthy?" fooled him! hah!

Lunch Saturday - turkey and cheese roll-ups with carrots dipped in hummus. I've always liked hummus, but now that it got LC's stamp of approval I just feel more glamorous and exciting eating it!! I have an unhealthy obsession with Laguna Beach and the Hills.

 and, dinner Sunday night. Ground Turkey Taco Salad.

Also, this weekend, the boys (Blake and Michael) tackled a coffee table! One of my best friends, Hope, is marrying Michael, he was so sweet to build her this coffee table as her wedding gift. I love this idea, so much! It was fun checking in on them. Men being men. Blake learned his wood working skills from his Papoo, and it was cool to see him using those to teach/help Michael.

While the boys built this I used an old window to make my "command center" in my kitchen. I'm hanging it tonight, so hopefully will have an update and explanation later! (and more updates on these bikini boot-camp foods!)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

a weekend at home.

Houston, two weekends in a row! It's tough knowing that we've spent about 16 hours just sitting in a car, and Blake's almost been through 2 oil changes, but just looking back at the photos from the weekend remind me that it's all worth it. 
Houston tex-mex. There really is nothing like it. One of the many reasons it may prove difficult for me to move out of state in a couple years. Cinco de Mayo was spent sipping margaritas and devouring cheesy enchiladas. Heaven. 
 and, the SUPER moon?? That was wild. 
 Dakota and her cousin, Molly. They like each other, which is really saying something, because poor Kota doesn't have many dog friends. It's pretty much just Molly and Duma. 

  And, sweet precious Asher. The sweetest, calmest, longest baby ever. I even got a smile from him, made my day. We heard from a couple family members that we were naturals. heh hem, Blake? 
 Blake's cousin Kelly. She had her Spring Show this weekend, and oh, it was so fun! I miss it terribly. Blake, being such a loving husband, enjoyed Kelly's spring show Friday night and then amused my mom and me as we made him watch my old Spring Show videos all night long. Yes, we watched '02, '03 and '04. Did I mention how loving my wonderful husband is?
My mom bought an old Hoosier cabinet, Blake vacuumed it out, while I supervised. Should be a nice little project, can't wait to see the end product! ...and then maybe steal it for my home?? 
Finally, to end the weekend right, I made some of these inspired from here- and they did not disappoint. I thought the recipe made too many, but then I had to stop myself...... how could one have too many reeses rice krispie things? Ya can't. We had such a fun weekend bouncing from Dallas to Friendswood to Katy and back!