Monday, October 19, 2009

sunday nights.

sittin' in hope's room.. just shootin' the s.. when something catches the corner of my eye.. movement across the street.. a man, walking around, cell phone to ear, ON THE ROOF! and i mean in a matter of eye contact engaged - paths of thought crossed - me and julie were looking for the best possible way to our roof.. why had we not checked this out before??

stool. tree. one. two. down. up. we're on our roof.. "hoooope!! hooaaoopeeee!!! comme see us!!" someone had to come see us! we were freaking on the roof! then, so naturally, after about a minute of being on the roof.. what's next? eyes scanning looking for inspiration.. acorns.. plentiful.. call over some friends/targets and lay veeeery flat and still on the slant facing the street.. friends pull up.. ATTACK!!! so after a while, we had built a roof army..

being on a roof makes ya hungry.. trust me.. so we made dinner.. i love making dinner with people.. i think i could handle making dinner every night for a family.. as long as it were an event and i had help.. that'd be great..pineapple..??
piiiiizza swirl things!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

no subject.

Jesus, it's just you and me.
let my faith arise.

Monday, October 5, 2009

another one for the books

what a good weekend. sometimes you just get the itch to see some live music. this weekend, it was scratched.. well.. (that's a weird image)

Spent all of my Saturday at ACL in Austin this weekend. Scalped a ticket, shh don't tell anyone, and enjoyed some sweet rock n roll. or.. disco techno music, either way.. money well spent. ghostland was amazing as always. became student - as we learned to never stand in front of "that guy" the one who has been to 13 shows, knows the words to every song (who even knows the words to ghostland, just dance.. chill man..) and will give you the play-by-play of the show. also became teacher - as we taught a dissipated man that it's not so socially acceptable to urinate on the ground right behind people while waiting for a show to start.. what. a. day.

both Friday and Saturday got to see some new and old friends. Remembered the value of friendship and where we've come from and where we're going..

broke 100 in bowling on Sunday to top it all off..

good little weekend, mud n all..