Saturday, August 31, 2013

play without repercussion..

I found this article, from Cup of Jo's post on Friday, to be so interesting. Changing little things around the house are my meaningless, my time to play without consequence, my happiness.  Painting these two small canvases, framing and then hanging, are my time to let life be meaningless.
"Finding the opportunity to do something meaningless allows us to play, to take risk and fail without some repercussion that may kill us in the end."

"The power of the meaningless is found in exploring something you’re interested in, something you like, something that excites you, but without the pressure of having to make that thing your career or become a master of it or get approval."
"These thinkers and doers highlight the underlying power of meaningless activity: having faith that when you enjoy yourself, when you do things that move you, something opens inside. There is peace in that place. There is happiness. There is deep satisfaction."

 "It’s not how we’re raised, but doing things because they excite you is as powerful as doing things because they pay the rent."
"There is a beautiful thing that happens when, for a moment, we let life be meaningless and find the meaning therein."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

bump update :: 20 weeks

We are officially halfway there! From here on out it's a countdown which sort of freaks me out. I want more than anything to see this little guy in real life, and to be able to touch him blows my mind right now, but I'm sort of enjoying the pregnancy. The first 20 were kind of fun, in a weird way... hopefully I'll be able to say that about this second half too.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

georgia vineyards

This past weekend was one for the books. 
I got to see my baby boy, my sweet husband, and some of my most favorite people. 
 Blake and I spent Friday in Atlanta. Donuts for breakfast, then a mini-tour of downtown. I got to see Grady, where Blake's been doing most of his work. We took a walk through Grant Park, saw Emory campus, and grabbed lunch at The Varsity, which is Atlanta's McDonalds, and this pregnant lady wasn't complaining!
Julie and Josh got in from Nashville that night and we grabbed dinner in downtown Marietta at a taco place on the square. I was in Hope Floats, and it was adorable. It was good for the soul to be around Julie and Josh, I'm so glad we could see them, and miss them already!

 Saturday, we drove out to Blake's great-aunt and uncle's vineyard in Tiger, Georgia. We've been wanting to visit since before we were married, so it was a pretty special time. Their winery is beautiful
We enjoyed a pre-dinner wine tasting, and then got to pick out a case to bring home with us, all thanks to Blake's very thoughtful Grandma. We were ecstatic. It's going to be torture for a while though, only being able to look at those gorgeous bottles.
 In the morning, Blake's great-uncle took us on a tour of the vineyards.
Seeing the malbec was definitely a highlight. We didn't taste any malbec in Napa, apparently it's just a blending grape there, so seeing it here was pretty cool, we even tasted a grape straight from the vine!
 I miss him so. 
and that, my friends, was our weekend in Georgia. 
Blake just told me today that Emory has definitely moved up on his list, that, coupled with the fact that I find myself missing Georgia makes me pretty excited for next year!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

bump update :: 19 weeks

the bump pictures are to resume in two weeks, when my photographer gets home..
In the meantime, here a few photos from the reveal party that went on in Houston. 
We FaceTimed in (from a restaurant in Atlanta) for a quick second to let them know which dessert they should eat. 
It was the cupcake! Filled with blue icing!

 The winning team :)
Blake and I are pretty darn excited, even though that last week we both thought it was surely a girl. I'm so so excited to start picking names, nursery things, and seeing that adorable little profile again!

Friday, August 2, 2013

day dreaming

sometimes Fridays are so terribly slow.. blogs have been read, work is done, and cnn has been read too many times... so my options seem to be, eat another piece of pudding cake or dream design the future baby's nursery. I may have done both.

Blake and I (mostly me) want this crib for either a boy or a girl.  
My dream nursery has board and batten, with some really fun wallpaper above it. This would be the white and polka dot swatch on my design board.
I'd love to stay light and airy, with wood tones, and a few punches of bright colors, green in the rug or knobs, deep pink in a pillow.

I don't know, can ya tell I'm super excited about decorating a nursery?! I just think they're so precious and fun!
next, come up with some ideas for a boy nursery!