Monday, February 28, 2011

easy easter embellishment..

ok wow.. just got lost in for a little too long looking for a synonym for decoration that starts with "e" - I've settled on embellishment, it made the most sense..

kind of an unspoken goal I made for myself for married life and future family life - I want to decorate for seasons and holidays. and since I can't afford a decadent pottery barn spread financially or spatially, I created this..

I invested in two adorable apothecary jars that I, in hopes, will use for every season - just add seasonal candy and shazam (shazam?) - it's holiday decor! Change the ribbon and candy and it instantly brings in the new holiday.. I like my friend and fellow blogger Lauren's use of pinecones here for the winter season/Christmas! maybe those will be incorporated with my jars later this year.. and when I get bored of this - the apothecary jars will look fabulous in a bathroom!

in other news - I think we found night stands for the bedroom - FINALLY! here's Pier One's online picture. I can't wait to get them ordered and get them in that room!

my mom's already voiced her concern about the two-toned - which honestly I like - but, if we do ever get tired of it or the color scheme of our bedroom changes in the future we'll just paint them - this piece has great bones and is the perfect height and width for us.. yay!

Monday, February 21, 2011

my flashcard project..

so, I was a little ambitious last night.. but, here are the promised pics of my flashcard project:

Again - the before:

the mess-o-cards (yes - we bought the "dr" one, we couldn't resist - it hasn't found a home yet, maybe one day it can go next to the med school diploma - do you get diploma's after med school??)

now - the after:

Kota's little haven - these weren't in the before, I accidentally framed these before I took the before shot. But, they say "bone" and "pet" and "dog" and a cute little cursive "bark" framed in cheap Target frames - dark brown to match our woods and a white - cause it was fun and distressed. Kota should have a stylish bedroom/lounge too right? (It took about 10 attempts to get her looking halfway decent - we have mulitple pictures of her ears back with her awkward hunch back - head down - eyes peeping up at the camera... she's SO awkward)

then - the Kitchen:

I just have them up with push-pins right now, I kind of liked the ease of the look, but it feels like college now to me - so the search for a hanging idea continues.. I think I may try to hand them somehow from a clothsline.. maybe? I feel like I've seen that before.. if all else fails - they will get framed.. I just don't wanna settle on that yet!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a visit..

I'm winding down from a wonderful weekend with the moms. Blake's mom and my mom came up to Dallas this weekend just to hang out. It was a weekend of good family, good chats, and good eats. We took them to Kobe Steakhouse, Rafas, i heart yogurt, and Breadwinners... with one stop at Jack in the Box.

Here we find ourselves at Kobe in celebration of our 2 month wedding anniversary - green tea ice cream is so delicious..

Then, we found Dallas' Antique jackpot off of Riverfront... who knew?? a lovely surprise of about 10 or so shops lining the east and west of this gem of a road. There were some great finds, but I actually only bought these fun little guys...

They're old teacher's flashcards that helped students with reading, but I just love the look of them and how they feel a tad quirky (I think this may be a two-post night - so I can show where they live now)

talk about feeling the love - our most beautiful and caring mothers, from the bottom of their loving hearts took us on a grocery shopping free-for-all... we picked up enough chicken, steak, salmon, breads and yogurt to last us until our lease is up this summer. Somehow we managed to fit everything somewhere in our square-foot challenged apartment. A picture of the fridge post mom's weekend.. yes please..

I wish I had a picture before.. it was depressingly barren..

so there we have it.. I can fall asleep on a good weekend.. Love weekends like these where the only thing do is spend precious moments with our mommas..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feb. 15th

Tiff's Treats delivered to office (complete with little bottles of milk)

filled with warm chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles and brownies

plus a darling little balloon

equals a beautiful and love-filled first Valentine's day as an old married couple, I love February 15th :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day #2

well.. here we are, day 2 of dallas' annual snow storm.. this only happens once a year always around the same time - last year I think it was a little closer to Valentine's, so we're early..

I'm not complaining - yesterday, I got a ton-o-thank you cards done, cut me some bangs, prepared our budget for next year and figured out our budget for February - August... let me just say Blake and I get to split a daily allowance of 16 dollars a day until August. We think we can stick to it.. I get to save my 8 bucks today - because I'm stuck in the house until all ice goes away.. but Blake on the other hand has already used his week's allowance, because he ordered Planet Earth - suckerrrr! we'll see how well this goes for us..

gosh i'm rambling in my head - I NEED TO GET OUTTA THIS APARTMENT! a 2-day snow day is a little much for me..

here are our pictures from day 1 (day 2 may be a little boring, it's me.. sitting on the couch.. watching HGTV all day finishing thank-you's - Blake left me today to go do Doctor things on campus- he's such a good student)


cute lil Kota butt

yes, I put her in her precious sweater..


I just realized how pretty our "back-yard" is.. wow.. snow makes things look good!