Tuesday, January 7, 2014

baby Bennett's nursery

40 weeks pregnant today. You get so excited about one date, for 9 whole months, then that day comes and goes, without event. It's so strange to be sitting here, still with a babe in my womb. I truly cannot complain though, I still feel really good considering. Just impatient. 
What else better to pass the time than blogging our "nursery"
So here it is.. Our nursery spans about 3 rooms right now. It's not ideal, but I think it'll work.
The crib is in our guest room. Somehow it all fits. The nursery of my dreams looks a little more black and white, a little more minimalistic, but I'm pretty pleased with how it all kinda fits now.
The mobile was a quick DIY project, one of the first signs of nesting early on. It's just styrofoam balls, wrapped in yarn, and hung by an embroidery hoop. I love it, I hope Bennett does too!
Then we move into our room, where you'll find the bassinet, the rocker, and the changing table.
The floor lamp is a new addition, from Target, I tried to bring in the brass to go with the drawer pulls on the changing table. The ottoman is a Donna Baker DIY from $3 Ikea mats. We followed this tutorial. We're also awaiting a DB DIY lumbar pillow for the rocker. I think this little corner will be quite nice in the morning hours once Bennett is here!

Last, but not least, the changing table. Doesn't that last picture make you smile? me too, me too. 
There you have it, Bennett's nursery :)

DIY changing table

One of the first projects I knew I wanted to tackle when we found out we were having a baby was a changing table. I've always adored a good DIY repaint project. 
It took a lot of trolling on Dallas and Houston Craigslists, but one afternoon this little gem popped up. I loved that it had curved drawers, the wheels on the legs spoke to me, and the top looked big enough to hold a changing pad for the babe.
We drove up to Denton one morning and picked it up to bring home. The owner had 3 babes of her own and she used it in her youngest daughter's nursery, too. I thought that was super sweet.
We sanded, and got to painting. We chose Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.
The outside got a couple of coats of the Kendall Charcoal, while the inside of the drawers got blue and white stripes. Pretty precious if you ask me :)
The drawer pulls are from Lowes, nothing too special. I liked that they looked a little more updated. They came in chrome, but I've been really into the gold/brass trend, so I had too. I spray painted them with Rust-Oleum's metallic gold, and LOVE how they turned out.
I love bringing new pieces into our home. I just get so excited every time I pass by. I'll be even more excited when I can put it to use, if I EVER go into labor :)