Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bennett's 4th month!

Firsts this month: feet holding, crawfish with Aunt Julie, Easter, play date, wedding and Mother's Day. We also found out that you absolutely adore the outdoors. You really dig that front porch sittin'

 Bennett, you are seriously a wild man. He rolls around on his playmat like no one's business. He is starting to like his exersaucer, kicking, pushing off of his legs when held up and pretty much all kinds of wiggling. The last week we've really reverted on the "good sleep" we were getting, as you have successfully learned to roll over. The best part about month 4 has been the laugh. Ohhhh, the baby laugh. I was in tears the other day from laughing so hard with him.
As always, Bennett, we love you.

Bennett's 3rd month!

It's so true, each month continues to get better. Bennett is learning to sleep and nap better. My favorite part about month 3 has been watching him try out different faces, and the screeching. I can't control my laughter when he's on his activity mat, swatting at the dangling toys, and screaming (out of happiness) at the top of his lungs. He'll let out the highest pitch scream you've ever heard, then look at you with the face in the picture above, on the right, like, "did that just come from me?
I laugh every single time.

This month has been a busy one! We took our first trip to Houston, Bennett found his fists, started gripping toys and fingers, he met Piper a day after she was born, went to the pool, is becoming more comfortable sitting in his bumbo on his own, and went up to the medical school to show off his 3-month skills for first-year med students. Bennett, you're getting so big (and long!) and your dad and I love you so.