Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bennett's 7th and 8th month!

Ah! I missed a month, but it's all felt like a blur anyway, so it's ok right? I know I'm going to immediately regret putting this in writing, but I feel like we're finally seeing some light at the end of this tunnel!! We're really getting into a routine, but if I've learned anything this past half-year, it's that everything is a phase :)

You're finally getting the hang of naps - just yesterday you took two 2-hour naps. I couldn't even believe it. That's why I'm noting it now - on Sept 9th, Bennett, you slept for FOUR WHOLE HOURS during the day. And, that's been a life changer.

Other than that, you've been busy with your new pool, you tried out the swing at the park and looooved it, and you're starting to crawl, it's not very pretty, but you get where you want, how you want.

I don't know how these got lost, but I had to add them. You saw your first Aggie touchdown (then had to go to bed) and went on your first hike, up Crowders Mountain. It's been an awesome past 2 months, I can't believe you're about to be 8 months old in a couple days.. where did my little baby boy go??