Monday, October 19, 2009

sunday nights.

sittin' in hope's room.. just shootin' the s.. when something catches the corner of my eye.. movement across the street.. a man, walking around, cell phone to ear, ON THE ROOF! and i mean in a matter of eye contact engaged - paths of thought crossed - me and julie were looking for the best possible way to our roof.. why had we not checked this out before??

stool. tree. one. two. down. up. we're on our roof.. "hoooope!! hooaaoopeeee!!! comme see us!!" someone had to come see us! we were freaking on the roof! then, so naturally, after about a minute of being on the roof.. what's next? eyes scanning looking for inspiration.. acorns.. plentiful.. call over some friends/targets and lay veeeery flat and still on the slant facing the street.. friends pull up.. ATTACK!!! so after a while, we had built a roof army..

being on a roof makes ya hungry.. trust me.. so we made dinner.. i love making dinner with people.. i think i could handle making dinner every night for a family.. as long as it were an event and i had help.. that'd be great..pineapple..??
piiiiizza swirl things!

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  1. just stumbled across your blog and thought i'd say hello :).

    those pizzas look delish! i may have to try making "pizza swirl things" myself.

    hope you've had a lovely weekend!