Tuesday, January 25, 2011

today was god..

today for first time in a really long time I'd say, I felt god near. I was heading back to the new office from lunch listening to something on the radio, cannot even remember now, and I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and contentment. It was like Christ was just cruisin' in my passenger seat, window down, arm out the window, just glancing over at me with his wayfarers, saying with a subtle nod, "hey, this is the life."

so, this is where I am and I feel content and grateful. Praise God that He decided to bless me with a full-time job, praise God that I get to be married to Blake, praise God that he hears the cries of his people. I want to be, in a new-year's-resolution kind of way, more aware of Christ's blessings and Christ's nearness. Lord, teach me to sing psalms and praises, Lord, teach me listen when you are near.

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  1. aw, i love the way you worded this post.

    I needed to read that. THANK YOU!
    hope to talk to ya soon! :)