Monday, October 15, 2012

Texas State Fair

After sitting through a nail-biting Aggie "w" on Saturday night, Blake and I decided to let of some steam Sunday with friends, fried foods, and the state fair :)
we've been in Dallas 4 years and this was our first year to make it out...
going green on the train.
Big Tex. Honestly, I find him quite creepy.

gig'em ags. I just now noticed that Blake is sportin' one nice faux-hawk.

our first stop for fair food. Fletcher's. this little guy totally lived up to the hype, and I'm sad to say this will be the last postive thing I say about the fair food.... I'M SORRY! I thoroughly apologize to all the fair lovers out there.... We had a good time... honest... but, I think we may have to make our future fair experiences far and few between (imsorryimsorryimsorry)
We did watch the precious little pigs race for an oreo. Blake and I can relate.

and, this would be fried cheesecake. bleh. maybe I should have just licked the topping off.
man on a stick. 
This little number won best taste or something along those lines. Fried cinnamon roll with bacon. This smile is pre-bite. I think I just had too high of expectations coming into this whole thing.

It was a delightful little weekend, I mean, who else can say they saw a mini-doberman do a hand-stand on the palm of her trainer's hand?


  1. Is that man really on a stick?! I'm so confused...!

  2. Did you try the fried snickers?! That was my fav. Also, I honestly thought that first paragraph said it was the first time you and Blake "made out" and I was so confused.