Wednesday, November 21, 2012

YHL "meet" and greet.

YHL was in Dallas this weekend. Here's Lauren and my very normal, hide-behind-a-huge-pole-to-conceal-your-identity-poke-your-head-out-slightly attempt at getting their picture. It's very obvious that John is staring right us here, with a "I see two very creepy girls giggling and snapping pictures of us" kinda chuckle on his face. Sorry 'bout that.
The line was out the door and around the parking lot, and ain't no body got time for that.... so this was as good as it got.  Then we ran into a friend, Helen, and she boldly just ran up in front of them to snap this for us! No line waiting, and no more border line stalker photos, it's a win if you ask me!

Also, look at this. My christmas angel.

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