Tuesday, June 25, 2013

guess what...??

Blake and I are having a baby! 
Finally, all my pinterest nursery dreams will come true! :)
We just went to our first Dr's appointment, I was at 7 weeks and a few days. I knew the appointment would be long, but the first thing we got to do was see the babe! It was such an indescribable feeling. Awkward from the sono stick (tmi?), amazement that there's a thing growing in me that has a heart beat, and a lot of other mushy feelings thinking that little half tadpole half human will one day be out and about in the world, looking a little like Blake and a little like me. 
It was measuring perfectly to what they thought was it's age (do you say age?) With that, the babe should be here by January 7th! Which I kinda love, seems like a good date. 

It's been a steady process of telling family, friends, co-workers, but every time it just gets more and more exciting. This babe is going to be smothered with love.

I realize I'm not out of the clear yet, but I have only had one bout of morning sickness. Brushing my tongue in the morning makes me gag, so that's been fun. The thought of quinoa makes me so nauseous - random. For that matter, pretty much anything healthy. Salad, no. Vegetables, no. I heard that changes later. I hope. I've been living off of fruit and PB and Js, and pizza, pizza always sounds good. I've only had one unreasonable emotional breakdown (I think just one. Blake's probably laughing right now) over the lack of things to wear in my closet. I've cut out my morning coffee for now, making me quite tired at work, but am looking forward to starting that up again. Other than those few things, I've felt pretty great.

Now, it's the hardest part, waiting. There's not much else to do until the next big visit, but keep exercising, take my vitamins, and try to remember that I can't have cold cuts at lunch (that has proven quite difficult for me). Yes, we are DEFINITELY finding out if it's a girl or boy! Blake will be in Atlanta doing his away rotation when I find out what we're having. I'm very tempted to not tell him until he sees her/him for himself in real life. muahaha!

You know I've already been designing the nursery in my mind. These are my favorites. Mostly because they seem simple and actually doable! I also seem to be drawn to more "girly" nurseries, wonder what that means.

I'm also excited to start reading books on being a mama, and these next 7 months ahead! First on my reading list, Great with Child: Letter to a Young Mother and then Grace Based Parenting.

So, that's about all that I know. Except I'm getting Blake one of these:

he's pumped.

Update:  I wrote this a while back, right after our first appointment. Today, I'm successfully 12 weeks, headed onto the 13th. Blake says I'm supposed to tell people I'm 13. Either way, I've been feeling pretty awesome except for falling asleep right when the sun goes down at 8 (which I secretly don't mind). I know I'll probably regret this later, but I'm most looking forward to a little bump, so I can feel pregnant!
I'm still in awe that Blake and I are having a little baby, and it's the best awe anyone could ever have.


  1. Congratulations! Biggest blessing ever and the most fun (and messy) journey you can go on. Maybe it's a girl because you've been sick :) You two will be wonderful parents.

  2. congratulations Johnsons! so excited for y'all!

  3. woohooo!!! SOOOOOO excited for you guys:) Can't wait for the next blog update!

  4. obsessed with all of those!! you will have to come help me know when your done!!

  5. Erin and I are so excited for you and Blake. My twin sister had her boy yesterday weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long! A very big baby! You guys will make great parents!

  6. Yay! That is so so exciting! You guys will make the most beautiful baby :) And you will be such a cute preggo mama. Can't wait to see some pics when you are showing and read all your updates. Congrats!