Monday, November 11, 2013

ahoy! it's a boy!

This weekend, Blake, Dakota and I headed down to Friendswood for one of the cutest baby showers I've ever seen. Blake's Aunt Stacey and Aunt Linda gave us the most wonderful baby shower. The theme was nautical, which I absolutely love, and everything down to the tiniest details were just precious. I mean, look at that little crab on the onesie cookie below. 
 Granmom and Opa Baker.

 the grandmommas.
 Can you even believe all of this? It even all fit in my car for the drive home, I was impressed! 
 The babe's first quilt, from Blake's Mimi, even Curious George got his own matching quilt!
 Blake's favorite gift. 
 I think this is the babe's first official outfit. He doesn't own too many clothes yet, but an Aggie beanie is the best way to start. and that Columbia jacket for a one year old... pretty sure they don't make anything cuter!
 our baby bath, with a little Blake attached... I hope this little guy in my belly looks exactly like him, bow tie and all. 

 Blake's brother and girlfriend... they got engaged about 3 hours after this!! It was such a great weekend!

 Blake's Mimi made the moms their Grandma blankets. 

The end of the shower was spent watching the Aggies btho Mississippi State. Whoop!
The baby shower was such a special time for Blake and me, we received more baby things than we could have ever imagined. They're piling up in the dining room as we speak. Only 57 more days until all this loot gets put to use!!!!! ahhhh!!!!

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