Monday, December 30, 2013

a merry, merry Christmas

39 weeks pregnant at Christmas, so ya know, here are the 7 photos I took.. :)
 We spent Christmas Eve in Waxahachie with family. Dinner and desserts were unbelievably delicious as usual. Christmas morning, Blake and I woke up slowly, had a small Christmas breakfast and watched Christmas Story until my parents came over. We opened presents and had a big Italian lunch from Buca at the house. The rest of the weekend was spent with Blake's family. We opened more presents, ate a lot of good food, got hooked on Chopped, and spent a lot of time relaxing (or maybe that was just me..)
It was different this year, because baby and I couldn't travel, so family came to us. 
It was sad to not see most of our other family members, but it sure was nice to stay in Dallas, have some sweet alone time, and host company at our house before the baby gets here!
I'm feeling unbelievably grateful for this season, and this year. I quickly forget how much God loves and cherishes me, so to sit still in this season and read of God's promise to His people is so refreshing.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Yay, the new rug! and gimme that french toast!