Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bennett's 9th and 10th month!

Good goo. Babe, you're pulling up all over everything. You're cruising like a maniac when we hold your hands and guide you down the hall. My favorite lately is when I'm standing in the kitchen and you crawl your little head in between my legs and force your way through, don't know why, but it makes me laugh every time.

Also, lately the conversations we have. I die. You've really mastered, "ba ba ba" and "va va va" it serves as a pretty interesting talk. You're working on 3 new teeth right now for a grand total of 5!

You also climbed our 3 stairs in the back room, nearly gave me a heart attack, but your proud look of accomplishment when you reached the top eased my mind (a little). The door now stays shut :)

We've been exploring Charlotte like there's no tomorrow. Freedom Park, Discovery Place, ImaginOn are regulars. I love spending my every day with you, babe.

sometimes at the very end of day, before dinner, we snuggle on the couch and watch an episode of Baby U, we only get 2 free episodes, so I think I have every song memorized, but these moments make my whole heart, body and soul melt to a million pieces.
You, in the past day or two, have also learned to feed Dakota from your chair. I know I should start to correct this, but I find it too awesome right now. I love your developing relationship with Kota. You also play "fetch" with her, mostly just by grabbing her toy and with extended arm, putting it out for her to take. It's just crazy to me that you already understand that that's her toy, and how to give it to her, you're practically a baby genius. 

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  1. The ones of you & Bennett on the couch, my favorite.

    I miss him.