Sunday, March 29, 2009

you are my sunshine..

68 and sunny.. little bit of wind.. loves it. today is my favorite day in 2009 thus far :) had a lil meeting with some younglife people and i was just laying in the grass praising god for such a beautiful beautiful day. i don't know if i wanna put this down on paper, or the blog world.. but spring may be my new favorite season.. sorry fall..

the only time i can blog now is if i go to someone else's house.. i'm at chase and clark's house. using clark's computer.. i mean how sad and needy am i.. i miss the blog. no facebook, this is the only thing i can cling to now.. 

ps. i love twilight, the movie.. not the book.. new top fav for sure.. lauren suckered me.. but boy am i glad.. i've secretly had sweet dreams of edward watching me sleep..

i don't know what to blog about, it's been so long.. 

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