Thursday, July 30, 2009

lion king on sega

this is what i envision on the way into work every morning. I park in the garage and hit the skybridge. (this is just lately, because i don't carry $2.75 with me all the time, and i haven't seen the homeless people in a while, i wonder where they went) this morning it all came together.. it was rainy outside this morning therefore everyone was in the skybridge.. heels clunkin'.. heavy walkers.. fast past.. all in a hurry to get where.. our desks.. to sit there for the next 8 hours?? 

I was simba today.. i was picturing this level on the sega lion king game.. i dodging the antelope, or y.p's (young professionals) and jumping boulders.. i entertained myself for about 3 minutes on the way in.. 

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