Friday, July 24, 2009

summer may begin..

so, typically.. back in the college days even high school days we had a summer c.d that was intended for obnoxiously loud playage as you left your last class on the last day of school before summer break.. i know summers can never be the same post graduation, but i finally figured out what was lacking to make summer feel like summer and it's that dang c.d.

what i can remember from high school summer c.ds - breathe in, breathe out.. britney spears.. i think britney even made it to the college summer c.ds.. either way i've been searching and searching for some new music.. you know when you just look at your pod and you're freakin tired of EVERYTHING?? happens to me a lot..

but today, i've found it.. got on playlist at work and this music just found me.. it's perfect.. it's windows down, it's layin at the beach or sneakin' into apartment's pools, it's just good..

sean bones.. i can't stop listening.. it's on my playlist on repeat..

SUMMMMMER!!! I imagine everything I could be doing summer-like at work.. right now, i'm on the beach in belize, dos in hand.. diggin toes into the sand :)

1 comment:

  1. can we please put Jordan Spark's Battlefield on this summers cd???? And can we please listen to said cd at the pool this weekend???