Sunday, March 29, 2009

just love this..

1. who do i love and what am i doing about it?
2. am i pursuing my dream or is fear stopping me?
3. am i doing something that matters?
4. what am i doing to help others?
5. am i as good a person as i want to be?
6. what am i doing to live with passion?

can't take credit for this, found this on a blog i stalk.. 

you are my sunshine..

68 and sunny.. little bit of wind.. loves it. today is my favorite day in 2009 thus far :) had a lil meeting with some younglife people and i was just laying in the grass praising god for such a beautiful beautiful day. i don't know if i wanna put this down on paper, or the blog world.. but spring may be my new favorite season.. sorry fall..

the only time i can blog now is if i go to someone else's house.. i'm at chase and clark's house. using clark's computer.. i mean how sad and needy am i.. i miss the blog. no facebook, this is the only thing i can cling to now.. 

ps. i love twilight, the movie.. not the book.. new top fav for sure.. lauren suckered me.. but boy am i glad.. i've secretly had sweet dreams of edward watching me sleep..

i don't know what to blog about, it's been so long.. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

friday the 13th

so friday, i was offered twoooo jobs! one. at parkhill jr. high, as a behavioral aid.. that would be the "bad kids" that can't be in normal classes.. um, i think i recall NEVER wanting to be a teacher.. so we'll see how this goes. (i'm in houston, my mom just got a new computer and it feels like i'm typing on clouds, this is nice) two. at the gaylord texan as a pool bar waitress.. haha.. come hang out with me if you want, to your direct left is what i'll probably be wearing.. that should be interesting.. maybe i can meet a dallas mav and fall in love and retire :)

i have some things right now that i want to scream at the top of my lungs.. what does that phrase even mean.. do we speak from our lungs? i think i'm being dumb right now.. but alas, i cannot. ahhhhh! maybe i can vent via blog world a little later..

geez. it's 3. i have a four and a half hour drive ahead of me. ew. im out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


bores me.. i warned some of yall.. but yep.. i deleted my account today..

and it feels so good! no more unnecessary stalking, exs no longer have to go through hundreds of photos with me detagging themselves (heh hem) i'm free.. i think i'm gonna have a lot more time on my hands to do real things in this life..

facebook tries to get ya though.. as you're trying to deactivate it pops up all these pictures and it says, "cate is going to miss you, stephen is going to miss you, adam is going to miss you" made me a little sad.. haha, but i did it.. i'm free!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

oprah scares me..

"Jesus didn't come to die on a cross, he came to show us christ-conscience (?!) he came to show us how to do it.." (not quoted exactly, just what I remembered) um, ok, sure.. Jesus is the perfect example of how it "should be done" but then what? What about salvation, what about restoration, what about eternity? how can you pick and choose.. she says she is a christian too.. all i'm sayin' is that i'm scared.. she says these beliefs and then the whole crowd starts clapping in agreement. OH, then she says something about God is a feeling experience.. not a believing experience.. "if your religion is a believing experience, if God for you is still about a belief, then it's not truly God" so I don't really know what her point is here, help? I just don't get her thought process here..

because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live.

hey, let's not shut up about this love. let's go nuts. let's show 'em that Jesus is so real. let people see who we once were and see who we are now and know without a freakin' doubt that He is the truth. all those forgiven, rejoice! 

"in your presence God, i'm completely satisfied, for you I sing, I dance, I rejoice in this divine romance" (thanks peter) content sigh.. running through my head tonight as I wrap this up and get all tucked in next to kota and have sweet sweet dreams of how i'm gonna change this world. night. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

places that make me me

so, i've pretty much decided that this is what god was talkin' bout with this whole world creation thing.. tonight i'm just putting up pictures of my absolute favorite places in this whole wide world :)

hafta hafta start off with oahu.. my best friend, kate, and I went for about a month, just to hang out on the beach.. jealous? yea, me too.. no revelations, nothing serious, just pure relaxation on the local beaches away from the tourist spots.. literally would wake up, grab our goober sandwiches, lay on the sand from about 10 to probably 5.. every day.. for a month

next.. colorado, not summer colorado, but winter colorado.. i adore the snow.. finally can say i'm alright at boarding.. it's that moment you realize you're on top of a mountain.. a mountain! you're there and you CANNOT deny the glory of god..

bonnaroo.. yep, had to do it. four days of concerts?!? are ya kidding me? it's my happy place.. sleepin in tents, no showering, hippies everywhere, music, naps to o.a.r. in a field.. need i say more?

how about.. 713 eagle pass.. one of my favorite places i've ever been here on this earth.. this house holds my best memories of life thus far. happiest, saddest, most life changing moments have been here. it's those college years man.. ahh.. tear.. thanksgiving dinners, midnight shots, moon walks, sitting in the boat, intense lava games, carrying each others burdens (mostly me coming into julie or kate's room bawling about who knows what), late night gossip, concerts on the porch, campfires.. ok, i gotta stop seriously this could go on for about 20 posts..

mullin, texas. our deer lease. something about that country air, it can heal about anything.. it's just raw nature.. grew up in suburbia, went from apartment complex, to house, back to apartment complex and there is just something so free about the country. it's the stars.. and the trees.. and the four-wheeler i think..

my "heaven on earth" place would be italy. studied abroad in spain one summer, kate studied in germany, decided to do a little exploration on one of the last weekends. met in italy. have i mentioned how freakin blessed my life is? traveled all day, train after train, to find this place. got there, couldn't find an open hostel, once we decided crashin on the beach wouldn't actually be that bad, found one room open at this hostel in the back of town. the second picture is the booth we occupied at a lil bar in town. sat there the entire night, did not get up for a thing.. the picture pretty much captures the entire night.. my favorite booth on earth.