Saturday, April 3, 2010

broken cisterns

the idea of a broken cistern has never felt more real than it has today..

i just become so lowly sometimes.. and it's taken me a while to realize, but every time, it comes down to the fact that i'm not filling my time with you. I'm not taking this relationship serious. I become so numb to the day to day that i forget you're the only thing that i thirst for. buying that thing isn't going to bring me life, doing that activity isn't going to bring me life, spending time with those people isn't going to bring me life. It's the time like this, when i get to soak in your presence and hear your truth, that makes this life worth living.

keep my interest in you.. keep my heart patient.. how marvelous.. keep my soul thirsting..

praise god that you are everything i need. i hope that you are always what i want..

1 comment:

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