Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend.. scratch that.. Friday was much needed. I suggest this to any ex-Drill Teamer....

I know you realize it's April/May.. and I know you know what that means.. so here's what you do.. so what if you look feel like a lurk, go to your local high school - admissions stand, "one please".. get your fourth row seat - cause we know to see the whole stage you have to sit back a little, how else can you see if all toes are pointed and all ripples are on cue? sit down, open your program - who cares if you don't know anyone.. just remember to yourself how much cuter your ad was.. and enjoy the dimming lights..
That's right..... IT'S SPRING SHOW!!!! My roommate and forever friend, Hope Cheadle and I, went to Plano East's Spring Show this weekend. It's great that you can go anywhere in Texas and still see the overlays. the boots. the glittery hats. the openner. the finale. and that beautiful drill team talent. cause we all know those were some of the best times of our lives. I've already planned myself to have two girls, three years apart, they will be on Drill Team.. and they will compete the heck out of MA dance as an unstopable sister duo taking trophy after trophy..

Sure we didn't know anyone.. except only one of my Younglife girls.. we still felt a peace in our hearts leaving that night. Dance is therapy. Drill team, I can honestly say, shaped me into the person I am today, and it was so nice to see a whole new set of girls in Plano, Texas receiving the same set of morals and responsibilites and experiences as Hope and I did.

6 years since that picture above and still love Drill Team.. Love it..

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