Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and it's august

all i can do to stay active in this blog world is to update..

1) I'm poor and unemployed - Blake and I thought we were packing up and moving to Houston so he could get his doctor education at UT Houston. Sure enough, I quit my job, get ready for the move back to Houston and we find out he's been accepted to his first choice school, UT Southwestern, yea, that's in Dallas. So here I sit, in my new apartment (which is absolutely fabulous - good thing I have a sugar daddy these days) watching HGTV and DIY network, sleeping til one...

2) Aldi is the best store in the entire world! I'm not sure if they've expanded beyond Dallas yet, but I did ALL my grocery shopping there for 40 bucks! When normally I cannot get out of Tom Thumb without staying under 100! Aldi helpful shopper's hint - bring a quarter to get a basket and bring your own bags.. I had one casualty and that was one crescent roll - she popped in the trunk of my car due to the rolling around or the heat.. we'll never know..

3) My best friend Lauren had a baby!!! Kyler William Kimmel, I'm an aunt!!

4) I've got my dress for my wedding, we have the Parador booked, we have the caterer in line, the photographer on board, the girls have their dresses ( navvvvyyyyy ) flowers are chosen.. all we need now are the details and the music!! ahh! cannot wait to be Mrs. Johnson, J's are already taking over the decor in my/our apartment!

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  1. I stayed home from work recently and all I did was lay on the couch and watch HGTV and DIY... completely captivating...I'm pretty sure I could build/design a house from the ground up..