Tuesday, May 3, 2011

baking adventures.

I love sweets. More specifically, I love chocolate. It's no surprise that brownies will always take the cake. :) I. Love. Sweets.

With one great idea and a little encouragement from friends in our "home-group," last night I embarked on some new baking territory. I'll tell you - I was a tad nervous, the idea sounded crazy and the thought of ruining a good batch of dessert made my heart hurt, but I decided to run with it. If it worked out - hey! I'd have a new technique and new recipe to add to my files!

pictured below: your typical brownie mix and the special ingredient, a coke.

here we go - no turning back now! Instead of the eggs, oil and water (did I mention everything?) you just pour in a coke - or diet coke in my house! Not the entire can - just enough that it looks like normal brownie dough.

When I first heard of this I was speechless. How was this even going to work?

Well, here is what we got. Blake thinks they look like dinosaur poop. I will tell you, they taste just delicious. Tastes like a brownie, smells like a brownie, kinda looks like a brownie... IT'S CRAZY how a coke can take the place of the egg and oil! Given, I had to bake them way longer than normal and they still came out all gooey, but it'd be a lyin' if I said I don't like it when my brownie falls apart from gooey-ness as I eat it.

In conclusion, I'd try it again, definitely. Has anyone else heard of this?? Apparently it's in line with Jenny Craig or another one of those dieting programs, which is again, crazy!

Also I was told - Mountain Dew and Fanta are used for yellow cakes. Blake's inquiry.

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