Thursday, May 19, 2011

movin' on up..

to the South sideeeee! To that deluxe restored home in the ghettoooo... Ok, I kinda lost the tune to the song, but - we are A MOVIN! moving in July that is! and every time I think about it my legs start jigging - shoulders start rolling back in a rapid way - finger point down to the ground in one fluid dance motion.. For you visual people it looks something like this..

a rainbow really does appear too! it's crazy..

Our new home is 2 bedroom and 1 bath - fireplace - front porch - huge kitchen - a DINING ROOM (halleluiah! - now we don't have to eat at the bar or the coffee table!) a big ol back yard for the puppies! .. I mean pup - but need I make it public via the blog that Blake did promise we could upgrade to 2 dogs once we moved into a house!! look out!

We are going to be near jogging trails, which, everytime I mention this to Dakota she looks back at me like this - with ears straight up and eyes full of intrigue. "we'll be near what?!?!" "are you serious, ma??" "I can't wait to lose those couple pounds the vet has been buggin' me about!!"

we're both thrilled - considering my summer to-do list here is to run outside - a lot!

So, my next idea, later this summer that is, is to do a "house tour" - I've seen them on other blogs, and I just LOOOVVVEEE looking at other people's homes and styles and decor and ideas! I thought it would be fun to give it a whirl! Maybe this can be the start of my own Interior Decorating consulting gig I eventually want to do!

Here's the photo of the outside that was on the realtor's website.. It's a gem! Though I'm not madly in love with the house colors (a rusty orange-red) they chose - we're renting - so it will have to do.

I'm seeing tons of beautiful happy flowers in those beds in front of the window!

Here's Dakota's oasis. Look at all that yard! Here's to adventures in lawn keeping! Blake will have quite the job :)

oh, and did I mention we're down the street from the Bishop Arts District?? We drove down there on a Saturday - and I canNOT wait to explore once we're locals! I saw Zumba classes, ice cream shops, diners, and a million porches to enjoy a nice ice tea on - or a marg. either works!

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