Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is your house on fire, Clark?

After filling our bellies with lots of turkey and stuffing (on Thanksgiving weekend) we got out in the yard with one thing in mind, lights! We also needed to move around so we all didn't fall into a tryptophan coma.
Our wonderful neighbors saw us out in the yard plotting, and brought over this box of goodies! Have I mentioned how great our neighbors are? I'm going to hang out in the front yard more often, it seems every time I'm out there someone comes over and brings us free things.

Blake and I had such a merry time running around our yard with strands of lights, throwing them up on our house. With joyful hearts, we checked the strands, replaced bulbs, wrapped bushes, lined the windows, methodically plugged them all in, and finally stood back to enjoy our Christmas creation.
Porch update: As a birthday gift from my mom, we now have the most perfect porch chairs. They are so darling. It's like I'm on a beach, but also out at a cottage, and they're so dang comfortable.
my christmas pallet art made it outside.
and here he is, the christmas light master. What a great job he did!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!


  1. Oh it looks SSOOOOOO good. I'm going to have to bring Kyler over to enjoy this!

  2. It looks beautiful!! great pictures!