Wednesday, December 28, 2011

one year anniversary, in Denver

two little love birds, with no real plans in sight, mark their adventures with pictures and words...

Denver was so incredibly fun. Since I'm trying to treat this blog as a diary of sorts, I'd like to chronicle our anniversary trip to Colorado.

As we landed we checked in to our hotel, we threw our bags in our room and ventured down to the 16th street mall for some delicious fish and chips and a couple beers at Apaloosa Grill. We watched the horse drawn carriages shuffling people up and down the streets in the snow. It was kind of magical.

Day 2: Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see T-rex and other intelligent things. Last minute drive out to Red Rock Amphitheater at sunset to "oooo" and "ahhh" at the beauty God made for us. Then out to Littleton for 1$ beers and 1$ appetizers with Blake's good friend.

Day 3: Slept in, got a yummy breakfast at Snooze with some friends, then headed to Golden, CO to the Coors Brewery tour. Maybe a highlight of the trip. Pizza in town to follow.

Day 4: Enjoyed a free breakfast compliments of the hotel for being married a year. Borrowed snowboarding gear and passes from friends and made the drive to Winter Park. Boarded the whole day with a break at the lodge for lunch. Came back in a snow storm to grab some homemade chili with Blake's Colorado friends.

Day 5: Spent some time reading and studying at a local coffee shop while sipping on one of the best mocha's I've ever had. Then headed to the airport to say goodbye to Colorado and head back to Texas to see our families for Christmas!

To spend 5 straight days, no school, no work, no studying, with your lovable, and sometimes quite strange husband is the best. I tried to soak up every minute of it, because I know in a couple days it's back to the books for him.

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