Saturday, August 31, 2013

play without repercussion..

I found this article, from Cup of Jo's post on Friday, to be so interesting. Changing little things around the house are my meaningless, my time to play without consequence, my happiness.  Painting these two small canvases, framing and then hanging, are my time to let life be meaningless.
"Finding the opportunity to do something meaningless allows us to play, to take risk and fail without some repercussion that may kill us in the end."

"The power of the meaningless is found in exploring something you’re interested in, something you like, something that excites you, but without the pressure of having to make that thing your career or become a master of it or get approval."
"These thinkers and doers highlight the underlying power of meaningless activity: having faith that when you enjoy yourself, when you do things that move you, something opens inside. There is peace in that place. There is happiness. There is deep satisfaction."

 "It’s not how we’re raised, but doing things because they excite you is as powerful as doing things because they pay the rent."
"There is a beautiful thing that happens when, for a moment, we let life be meaningless and find the meaning therein."

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