Thursday, August 15, 2013

georgia vineyards

This past weekend was one for the books. 
I got to see my baby boy, my sweet husband, and some of my most favorite people. 
 Blake and I spent Friday in Atlanta. Donuts for breakfast, then a mini-tour of downtown. I got to see Grady, where Blake's been doing most of his work. We took a walk through Grant Park, saw Emory campus, and grabbed lunch at The Varsity, which is Atlanta's McDonalds, and this pregnant lady wasn't complaining!
Julie and Josh got in from Nashville that night and we grabbed dinner in downtown Marietta at a taco place on the square. I was in Hope Floats, and it was adorable. It was good for the soul to be around Julie and Josh, I'm so glad we could see them, and miss them already!

 Saturday, we drove out to Blake's great-aunt and uncle's vineyard in Tiger, Georgia. We've been wanting to visit since before we were married, so it was a pretty special time. Their winery is beautiful
We enjoyed a pre-dinner wine tasting, and then got to pick out a case to bring home with us, all thanks to Blake's very thoughtful Grandma. We were ecstatic. It's going to be torture for a while though, only being able to look at those gorgeous bottles.
 In the morning, Blake's great-uncle took us on a tour of the vineyards.
Seeing the malbec was definitely a highlight. We didn't taste any malbec in Napa, apparently it's just a blending grape there, so seeing it here was pretty cool, we even tasted a grape straight from the vine!
 I miss him so. 
and that, my friends, was our weekend in Georgia. 
Blake just told me today that Emory has definitely moved up on his list, that, coupled with the fact that I find myself missing Georgia makes me pretty excited for next year!

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  1. oh my goodness that looked like heaven!! miss jules and josh so much too!!