Wednesday, August 19, 2009

elevator people

i was already in the elevator, heard some clicks on the marble floors in the lobby begin to speed up.. this means for the next 44 floors ill have an elevator buddy.. (side note, pet peeve, people who get on and take the elevator down or up ONE floor.. serious?) but this guy did the little prance with his arms clinched in running position, chest up, holding his breath, like "i look like i'm hurrying but really, i'm moving at the exact same pace" but he got on.. no eye contact, eyes glued to the blackberry.. and all i hear is scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll.. and it's loud scrolling because no conversation has been initiated.. then doors open, blackberry goes back in the pocket and he leaves.. what was he looking for??? 

was he just seeing how fast he could get to the bottom of his texts? cause that's gonna be annoying when he has to go back to the top.. no way could a web page have been that long on a blackberry.. i just found this man and his blackberry etiquette very strange..

i don't know which i prefer.. silence and everyone staring at the floor like if anyone looks up we'll all petrify or the one loud old man that gets in and makes a mediocre joke that everyone is forced to laugh at.. i do like the simple "have a good day" when exiting though, it's easy, brightens the day and it's a fast exit.. 

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  1. i did something today on an elevator that was fun:

    i was on it with just one other person, and she got off before i did, so as she was leaving the elevator i immediately moved to exactly where she was standing, like within milliseconds of her starting her exit. she turned and looked at me as soon as she was off with a look of confusion and bewilderment. once i doors shut i chuckled and continued to my floor. good times.