Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i'm watching "under the tuscan sun" and it is making me miss.. miss.. miss Spain, I realize that the movie is about Italy.. but what's the difference eh? it's the mystery.. freedom.. it's being so alone, yet completely immersed.. freshness and warmth, change, adventure, secrets, breath and joy..

that's it, if i'm 35 and single, i'm going to buy land in italy, or spain, and live.. yep

in the mean time, i have begun pre-training for the official training of the half marathon i will be running on December 13th.. this is all michael's idea, and for some reason it sounded intriguing, so here i am.. in pre-training.. and now, i've heard doubts from a few friends, so duh.. i'm more motivated.. 


DAY ONE- 3 miles

DAY TWO-  rest

DAY THREE- 3 miles

DAY FOUR- 3 miles

DAY FIVE- rest

DAY SIX- 4 miles


and it only gets worse..

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