Monday, September 14, 2009

night one.

first younglife club of the year was tonight. It's unbelievable to see all of the joy in these high school kids.. they're yelling, at. the. top. of. their. lungs. seriously going nuts.. there was blood. the part that gets me.. is that there IS so much joy there and most of them don't recognize it yet or have no idea where it comes from.. buuut i do :) it may just take them a while to figure it out, but when they do.. life will be never be the same. deep breath. in. out. smile.

I was just sitting in the back towards the end taking it all in.. I just COULD NOT believe there were that many kids there.. that's where they chose to be and what they wanted to do with their Monday night.. and then it's like Jesus sat down next to me.. indian style.. arm around shoulder.. pointing out certain kids, telling me to look at them, remember them.. showing me what is about to happen..

good night. mm hm.

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