Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how god continues to change how i see him..

I went on staff with YL for 10 years and those years shaped my thinking on ministry (show up; be with people; share Jesus; love; show up; pray; open the Scripture; show up; pray; open the Scripture; pray; love; it’s about kids/people; it’s about Christ; show up; love; pray; open the Scripture). - Cheryl Fletcher

it's just that simple. and that's it. 

Some may know, but this ministry-based organization used to drive me up the wall. I had judged so quickly and satan had hardened my heart to stick with these ideas i had come up with. god's sovereignty. perfect. now, i find myself spending most nights immersing myself in "showing up"

it's nights like tonight that remind me what this is all for.. if we've got to waste our lives here until we go home, why not waste it "doing life" with people, showing up and sharing anything we know about jesus' life?

what a great night. there are big things about to happen..

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