Tuesday, September 22, 2009

someone told me..

that today was the first day of fall.. and i don't know if they were right, but today.. outside.. was just too good to be true..

today, inside the office, on the other hand.. was hell. I'm going to start marking on my calendar the days that make me wish i were dead, yes it was that bad, and once they outweigh the "eh.. ok" days.. i'll begin the job search again..

the day took a turn for the best when all three clocks on my desk turned 5:30 and i walked outside. the smells and the wind on my arms imposed a slight smile on my face. so i took some inspiration from here, (thanks kara) and gave into the weather.

Right now, I'm laying on the couch, haven't moved a muscle in about an hour, just ate the "meat cookies" i made for dinner, watching a flipping out marathon, with the windows open and my vanilla and pumpkin spice tea lights lit, thinking about getting up and making my move to the Sprinkles red velvet cupcake that's in my fridge soon..

fall, i love you.. truly.. welcome to dallas

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh isn't Fall wonderful?! Excellent candle choices; and that cupcake...I want one of those right now. Mmmmm.

    Enjoy the cool weather; after the crazy hot summer I heard texas had, ya'll deserve it!