Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Canton finds..

some old books! Blake hates when I decorate with these. He dislikes the busyness of it all - thus hates stacks of vintage hardbacks. It's just so very Pottery Barn to me - thus, I love! We have differing definitions of busyness (I don't mind clutter, as long as it's controlled clutter) good thing, in the end, I get to make the decor decisions!

next - some old school stamps which I had to do some under the table dealing with to make sure they came home with me :) Most of them are from the Netherlands - so fun! I'm not sure what's going to happen here - but I'm sensing a craft coming along!

then, a candle holder turned desk organizer. Idea stolen from my very artistic friend Kate Newman, yes, as in Katelovephoto... thanks Kate!

and then, a shabby 'ol basket of sorts.. Either hung in bathroom or attaching some hooks to and using on our balcony as a plant holder.. haven't quite decided yet!

aaaaand then, one bed-side table in a very 50s yellow! The handles are what sold me (please don't judge the surrounding areas of this picture.. I still have some staging/bed making to do)

the grand finale - not really, this just uploaded last.. but our re-purposed ceiling tiles! hey, they look like our ledge! They're very very rusty - projects in Mullin this weekend - figure out how to make them not so gross without taking away the cool distressed look. I'll upload a close up picture for all the detail viewing later - maybe I'll light the candles for some romance too.

yes, Blake is still asleep in this picture - precious! my mom wanted to see pictures of the Canton finds early the next morning!

Canton ladies and gents - it's like a huge Garage Sale (for those who don't know) held in Canton, Texas on the first weekend of every month! Go and enjoy some fried carnival food, much needed girl time, shopping and, my favorite.. haggling!


  1. YES! i love it all, and the night stand looks so good!

  2. Love the Canton finds! Can't wait to go next weekend, and wish we were there at the same time!