Sunday, March 27, 2011

night stands..

You'll remember I found this at Canton and made it into my night stand - advice from mom, It could be a dresser in your nursery! - alright :)

The dilemma - how will I ever find something to match?? Then came an idea, one so ahead of it's time... just paint it! why does paint make everything look better? newer? fresher?

So here is a little Before and After fun!

Before. Blake's old college nightstand.

I took the drawer of my new Canton dresser to Home Depot - after a very quick interaction with the paint guy (he did NOT want to be there and had no interest in any of my inquisitive questions.. oh well..) and a "beep beep" under their fancy paint computer, I went home with a pint of the same yellow that was used on my night stand!

During. A little DIY in Mullin.

sanding and painting

And, an After!

Now we have coordinating night stands in a delightful throw back yellow that makes our master one stride closer to the finish line! Let's take a closer look at those knobs - my favorite part.

the Canton dresser. I don't know if they're new or were original with the piece, but I drool over them, kinda what sold me on it..

Blake's old-new night stand with repurposed Anthropologie knobs!

We upgraded the knobs on the television stand to darling little turtles - so we had these left over! They work for me... same color - same vintage feel and they both have a round-ish shape.

Overall, I love our new night stands and I smile each time I pass them on the way to the bathroom. What could be happier than yellow?

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  1. Love Love it! I really need to get started on finding some Craigslist nightstands for me to refinish because Kyler ALREADY nearly crushed his cute little self by pulling on my cheap little old Ikea table