Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the EPI app

For all those aspiring great wives.. specifically the great wives that are learning how to love cooking! I love this i-phone app! It's the Epicurious app, it's free and it's just fun to mess with! You can search through tons of recipes - narrow down by type of food - your main ingredient - your style - your difficulty and other such categories.. then..

best of all..

it will compile a grocery list for you! yea baby!

we're having a little family dinner with all our friends on Thursday and tonight I'm braving Tom Thumb.. This meal is going to be crazy - I hope I'm not being too adventurous.. It may slim down when I hit the store - I love cooking, but hate grocery shopping..

Jalapeno and goat cheese hush puppies

Pork Chops with cranberry, port and rosemary sauce

sweet potato fries

and I still need a veg...

I'll try to put up pictures of my delicious meal/disaster.. and I can finally wear my Anthro apron - woo!


  1. Sounds delish. I will have to try that app. I have fallen in love with the easiest but so gourmet tasting side dish. Roasted carrots. Martha stewart's recipe with honey. I would link to it but don't know how to on my iPad.

  2. I would vote asparagus...but i think it is a little late! how did the dinner go? PS--just got back from my Canton trip, can't wait to post my finds once we get it all put up!!