Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Erection Crane.

So, I have this new job. It has been such a blessing, truly. The job is in the heavy equipment, trucks and trailers biz. Yeaaaaaaa - didn't know I had a passion for 18 wheelers, did ya? Well. I really don't, my situation couldn't be any more perfect though. ANY. I love my bosses, co-workers and the flexibility.

Back to the reason of this post. How would one receptionist answer the phone if your company name was All-Crane Erection and Equipment you ask? well, I called a Crane company today to get a quote on a transport on a certain crane, and to answer my own question - one would say, "All Erection" ???

uh, I'm almost certain I would not answer the phone like that. Does she not know? Or, does she know and likes making callers revert back to sixth grade? No matter if it was 4:59 and I was about to walk out of the door on a Friday evening and I had 4 other things to do at the same time - I'd probably answer the phone saying the enTIRE name. All-Crane Erection and Equipment. Thank God we're not a crane company.

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