Monday, April 11, 2011

crud war.

We had one of my favorite nights at YoungLife tonight. Crud War. For some, it's the most dreaded night of the year, but for reasons, I love it. First, you get to see a ton of kids that you don't normally see on a Monday night. Second, IT IS A COMPLETE HOT MESS. Third, it is a great reminder, at the end of the epic battle, to see what a mess we really are. How dirty, how filthy, how torn up are we all really? all of us. We walk around, day to day, hiding all of the dirt, water balloons, cake, unidentified mush, flour, ketchup, mustard and shaving cream, but for one day we wear it around all over our bodies, for all to see. What a great night to remember that we're all burdened with sin and that Christ came here to save us from it all. His blood wipes us clean. God, please remember these kids tonight. Help them to see how perfectly great you are. Let them see their sin and plead for your son. amen.

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