Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little bragging.

Lettuce take this time for me to brag on my husband a little. A sure sign that I got a winner - he asked me to pick out furniture pieces that I liked and he would build them for me. Say WHAT?? So, it started with this..

a sturdy sucker. from Crate and Barrel. Price $1,299.00

I liked the open air shelves on each side and in person it looks chocolate-y wood heaven. I gave this to Blake along with a picture of this guy..

from Crate and Barrel. Price $699.00

I liked how it has a farm table feel, but in the stylings of a coffee table. I always love oval coffee tables and with the L-shape of our couch I think the different shapes would have played nicely together, but I couldn't get my mind off of this one. I think I was in the chunky wood furniture mood.

So, a weekend away during summer before Blake started Med School plus one wonderful Papoo (Blake's grandpa) and tons of hard work and a little love - We now have an apartment full of irreplaceable furniture pieces.

our t.v. console. revamped for our specific needs. shelf for at&t u-verse box and knobs for the doors - specialized order from Crate and Barrel, unheard of! But from the shops of Blake and Papoo - of course!

our coffee table. I love everything about it. The planks that make the top and bottom shelf. The stain. The height, width and depth. It fits like a glove in our couch. Our couch spoons the coffee table - they're in love.

and finally. a bonus piece. a book shelf for Blake's study. I should re-organize the shelfs - I just noticed post picture taking that they look a little chaotic. But, we're moving in a few months - I'll re-organize then.

this one was an original design, but bookshelves on Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel range from $199.00 to $1,200.00

I'm told that all materials (with contractor's discount) and everything totaled around $550.00. For 3 pieces - a tv stand, coffee table and book shelf!!


I'll take $550.00 over $2,498.00ish any day.

I love my husband. How is he so good at everything he does?

I guess spending our tax return on tools was a good investment :)


  1. Very very impressed!! Go Blake!

  2. who knew blake could build things?? and i love the turtles!!