Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wanted: etsy prints

I have been quite in the artsy mood lately. Right now, I'm working on my own version of THIS found on Pinterest. What a crazy waste of time this Pinterest, like every social networking site, it can and will completely suck you in. So many fun gift, craft, and design ideas though. My boards are filling up!

I also have acquired quite the cart-full on Etsy. Here's the wanted list.

(^this is terrible isn't it? I'm ashamedly proud that I like this)

I can't wait to construct a collage of sorts in the new home. Maybe above the couch when you first walk in the front door? Maybe between the built-ins in the dining room? I vowed to myself to think through the decorating in the new house. I seem to get very excited with blank walls and end up putting everything up at once. I'm going to try this decorating in layers idea that I've been reading about. Take my time. Design one wall, one room, one nook at a time.

After the Pinterest-inspired painting is complete, there are plans in the works for a wax-drip painting. After some inspiration from the beach house this weekend and Blake's cousin, I'm tackling it! The whole process looks therapeutic - I'm very excited.


  1. Lauren!! I have like 20 prints in my etsy shopping cart right now too!! Including a very similar little watercolored squirrel!

  2. i love the denver picture! i guess i'm partial to it ... but i used to work in that building on the far right (under the "r") :]

  3. really dominique?! that's so funny/so awesome! I'm hoping we get to move there for Blake's residency. fingers crossed!