Sunday, July 29, 2012

a wedding shower

Just yesterday, we had a house full of some very lovely ladies to celebrate Hope and her bride-dom. Oh, it was so fun. It was "the moms" last shower to throw and now, they claim they're going into retirement. We will see. Baby showers, anyone?

I was so thrilled we got to use my house. I'll take any excuse to have delicious food, homemade sangria, and some of my favorite people in my home. It also doesn't hurt that the old abode received one thorough cleaning along the way, courtesy of my wonderful mother. 

We put the sign-in book, fresh flowers, a framed copy of the shower invite, and a box full of recipe cards from each guest, on the edge of the TV stand to create a little moment when you first walk in.
 I tried to bring in some of Hope's wedding style with the burlap in the living and dining rooms. 
"K" napkins, how sweet. 
 Bridal mantel. And you know I loved decorating little areas around the house for this shower. Those pieces on the banner were fabric scraps left over from other projects that I've been hoarding for a very special moment.... and look at them now! (Just tie 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric in knots around a piece of twine, and ta-dah, easy and colorful party banner!)
 The good stuff.
 Strawberry shortcake cake, H & M banner as a cake-topper, and some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. Loving that color combo.
 Moms always make the best grub. Chicken salad and Hawaiian sweet rolls, gorgeous fruits, and creamy spinach-artichoke dip. And, look at that e-pic back there - taken by Kate Love Photography, only the best.
 I finally spent my Christmas gift card to West Elm, and brought home this lovely little addition. A cheese board. I have future plans of throwing many a lavish wine and cheese party, all centered around this one board.... ok, so I may need to expand my cheese board collection if this is really to happen.
more chalkboard fun!
The Bridal Shower mascot, Ellis.
Make a bouquet for the bride game.
Hostesses with Bride and MOB!!!
and, typical, the most cuddly post party you've ever been to. 

Happy Bridal Shower day Hope!!! You make one stunning bride. I think you're at 89 days today. 
ho. ly. cow.

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