Friday, July 6, 2012

episdode seven

yikes, I'm behind... but this week's episode was super fun. I think I subconsciously skipped the last couple of weeks, cause they were a total yawn.
But here's a really really really pretty kitchen, from this week's challenge.
This popped up on the screen and Blake immediately claimed it looked like me. I'll take that.

Yellow is such a weird color for me. I love it when I see it all bright and happy like in this kitchen, but when I try to use yellow in my home, it always comes out more muted, more mustard-like.

So, I love it. It's just plain pretty (though it looks kind of like something in a model home). I would have tried to add more of a darker contrast color, but I guess that's what the floors are there for. Also, those back-splash frames, I could do without.

My friend, Hilari, made the top 4 - she didn't do this room, but she still made it through! yippee!

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