Tuesday, June 5, 2012

welcome home.

I figured since we've been at the house for almost a year now, it was time to do a little tour. I love this house so much. Well. For what it is... a rental, that we can't update or paint, or change light fixtures. Other than those minor things, the move to N. Oak Cliff has been a dream. 

So, welcome home. This is literally what you see when you open the front door. Hello couch. The living room is kind of a strange layout. It's really long with tons of windows and doors. 

I've had an epic battle with the pillow situation in our living room, they are constantly changing. On my latest wish list would be these covers... ah, the Greek key pattern. Now, I just need to get Blake on board. 
From Etsy
 Then, we turn right. There you will find the fire place. No, I did not place that dog there, what a camera hog. Don't you just love all of the windows here? Yea, me too. 
I tried to tie this side of the room together best I could, with the navy strip lumbar pillows. Let's just say I'm going with the "gathered" look. Oh hand-me-downs. Maybe we could say eclectic?

 Now if you go left from here, you're in our dining room, but that's for another post. Let's head over to what's above the couch. 
 I made a Dakota silhouette. You know, kind of like parents do for their children. I'm totally that dog owner. 
 I found this on Pinterest and did a little LJ version. 
 A neutral paint and wax drip creation. 
Let's take it back to the front door now. Remember, right = fire place. If you take a slight turn to the left, you'll see our shrine to the television. We have an obnoxiously huge television courtesy of my husband. Maybe it's not as bad as I make it sound, but it takes up the whole wall in my mind. 
 BAM! tv.

The front door rounds out this little living room tour.
Close up shot of 2 framed post cards. Little Dallas reminders: Parkland Hospital (where Blake will be spending a lot of time in the future) and White Rock (one of my favorite places in the city).  

next up... DINING ROOOOM!!

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  1. Just the post I needed! I'm itching to change things up in my house now that I'm staying home. I decided to stalk your blog for ideas since you have way more "vision" than me. I can copy-cat with the best of them, though. :)