Thursday, September 27, 2012

onto the Dining Room.

Next up, we have the dining room. Remember the living room? Our dining room opens up directly off to the right, with a huge arched entry. These arches must have been signature for this builder in the 40s, we've been in other homes around Stevens Park and the arches are everywhere. We have one in our bathroom too, just you wait and see.

how crazy beautiful is the to-the-floor window?

The table is set for fall, the pumpkins in the bowls are not year-round. Though I wouldn't mind, they're so precious.
Did I mention Blake built our farmhouse table?
I was spoiled by being able to pick out this Restoration Hardware table, and have it customized to our specific requirements. We nixed the fold-out extensions, and made it a tad smaller, you can still fit our future family of 5 around here comfortably, so I'd say it's a win. And for 1/4 of the cost... double win.  

The best part about tackling our dining table together.... beating it silly with a sock full of screws. Also, taking a hammer straight to the legs, you know, for the whole salvaged wood look.

My herringbone mirror project found a permanent home!
(still not sure what to do with the tall arched cut-out over there on the left wall) 
My favorite part of the dining room, behind the breath-taking window (I really did gasp when we were first looking to rent this place), would be the sweet built ins.



I think I've almost covered it all. Except when you turn back around from here, toward the front door, you see this. The hopes were for this to function as a bar of sorts. One day I'll muster up the creativity to finish this little corner.
And then here's your view back to the living room. Dining room tour complete!!
maybe the Master next?


  1. the mirror looks so good in there! and of course I love the pumpkins, so cute. :)

  2. so pretty in pictures! like a magazine layout.